"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." 2 Tim. 4:3-4 What might sound doctrine be? What is truth? Sound doctrine is the ENTIRE inspired Word of God which teaches us and keeps us. The same goes for truth. So you mean to tell me that Paul is here saying that there will come a time when some of us church goers will not want to hear what the Bible says anymore? No. Couldn't happen. 

Well, there I go, stating what is contrary to what this passage says in 2 Timothy. So, there is going to come a time when preachers will come to the pulpit and preach straight from the Bible, the hearers will get upset and maybe even walk out to never return and instead find a church and preacher that will preach what only keeps them comfortable in their ways and what displeases God. They will hold onto a false hope to live any kind of way as in "once saved always saved" and just call on Jesus and you will be all right. The Bible says one can fall from grace. (See Heb. 12:15) And also that calling on His name only will not cut it either. (See Matt.7:21)

Yes, we will begin to see and hear friends, loved ones, and even preachers begin to turn away from the Bible. They will pick and choose what they want from the Word. Many will ignore that Christ said in Matt. 7:14 "strait is the gate that leads to eternal life." For most will choose the wide gate of compromise and apostasy. They've learned the truths of the Word 10, 15 even 30 years ago and still want to say, "I'm growing". But instead they are actually saying, "I refuse to surrender completely". 

When we come across our brothers and sisters that may be straying in this manner let's be wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matt. 10:16). Don't judge but instead take notice, love, pray, but, by no means, follow! I understand and know that even this devotional message may be difficult to accept but I didn't write 2 Tim. 4:3-4. Paul did. Nor did I write that every one that cries "Lord, Lord" would not go to heaven. Jesus said that Himself.  

God teaches us in His Word everything from how to praise and worship, to how to dress, how to eat, how to love, and how to act. He covers everything from head to toe, inside and out. (Titus 2:4 & 1 Pet.2:9) But many of us want to give God what Cain did, our own thing.(Gen.4) Let's not be a follower of Man but of Christ (see John 5:39 & Col. 2:8), referencing everything we hear and are told with the entire Word of God.(Acts. 17:11) There is true peace, love and joy when we follow the Master.