Arise and Walk
".......Arise and Walk....." Matt. 9:5

Walking is an excellent way to exercise. Most people can
walk. It’s an inexpensive way to exercise and it can be
fun. We can walk fast or slow. We should walk from 15 to 40
minutes each day.

We have got to move our bodies. For those of us who have
sitting jobs, let's get up and walk around. Let's go out
doors and walk on our breaks.

When we go out to shopping centers and we find ourselves
driving around or waiting for a parking spot in the front
and close up, instead we can purposely park in the farthest
spot so that we can get a walk in.

From simple walking we can gain the following benefits:
1. We will feel good
2. Our heart will strengthen
3. Lowered blood pressure rate
4. Lowered cholesterol level
5. Strengthened bones because exercise helps retain
6. Lifts depression
7. Relieves anxiety and stress
8. Increases energy
9. Helps maintain desirable weight levels. Builds muscle
and burns fat.
10. Improves circulation which makes clearer minds,
better sleep and fast healing.

And health specialists have documented that women who get
at least four hours of exercise a week cut their risk of
breast cancer by more than a third.
There were two spans of times in my life when I had no
problem keeping my weight down. The first was when I had a
job where I stood and walked around the entire eight hours
working as a pharmacy technician. I had just given birth to
my daughter and my weight went down so fast. Not only that,
I was slimmer than before the pregnancy. Then the second
time was when I worked right around the block from my home.
I left the car at home and walked to work everyday. I even
walked home for lunch. Those were the good ol’ days.
Well, let’s start walking if you don’t already have an
exercise program. Be blessed.