"Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world,
according to the will of God and our Father." Gal. 1:4.

Lucifer was once in heaven. He was the most beautiful angel. He was covered with
jewelry from head to toe. He was next in charge right after the Son. (Ezekiel 28:14,15)
When one has all of that going for him or her we tend to get very conceded with
ourselves. And we tend to envy others that have it well too. Well that is what happened to
Lucifer. He was jealous of Jesus. He hated to bow down before Him and he hated when
angels bowed down before Him too. He wanted to take Jesus' place In authority. So he
started causing problems in heaven. He started telling lies about God to the other angels
things like, "God is not fair". Some of the angels began to listen to him and Lucifer began
to get angels to take his side. Some of the angels came to their senses and came back to
God but 1/3 did not and sided with Lucifer and began to battle with God and the other
heavenly beings. Of course God wasn't having that so he removed Lucifer and his
followers from heaven. (Rev.12:7-9)

Imagine that. The first sin of the entire universe stemmed from having a big head!
Now many of us will ask. "Why didn't he just kill Lucifer?" Let's ask ourselves this. If
our father's discipline was to take our siblings in the backyard and shoot them wouldn't
we obey and worship him out of fear of getting murdered too? Of course we would. We
would obey him for who he was; a very unloving psycho. So in answer to the question;
the other angels after witnessing God just zap out the devil they'd be afraid of God. Love
and fear don't mix. God wants us to love and respect Him. Another question is why didn't
he make Lucifer or program him not to rebel against Him. No. God does not want robots.
He wants everyone to have the ability to choose for themselves. The angels have the
choice. And we have the choice to choose Him or to rebel against Him. Wouldn't we
rather that? Would we want a man or woman to love us because we put some kind of
mind spell on them? I wouldn't. I'd want them to love me for what I am about. Not forced

So now the devil is on earth. And it's time for God's two first children to make the choice
for or against God. They failed. All they had to do was ignore the devil and forget about
the tree that He told them not to eat from. Eat only from all of the other trees but no they
disobeyed God. Meanwhile, God is proving to the heavenly beings along with other
worlds that he is a fair and just God.(1 Cor.4:9) Praise be to God that He sent his son for due to the sin of Adam, we were all doomed to die, but Christ came and died for us that we might have eternal life. What Adam couldnot do, Jesus did for us. He was tested and tempted but he overcame victorious! When it is all said and done, after all have been given the opportunity to choose Christ or Satan; between Christ the ruler of the Heavens and the new earth or Satan the temporary ruler of this present earth, then Christ will come and take those of us home, who chose him over this world of sin. 

Sin will be no more. Death, pain, sorrow and suffering will be no more for this is all from the Devil. This is why all of the terrible things happen and why they are allowed. So that
we can see how terrible sin is and than we can clearly and fairly choose Christ. The devil
wants as many of us on his side as possible and Jesus wants all of us on His side too.
Satan is still walking around with "A Big Head". Laughing at Jesus every time He takes
Jesus' place in our lives. That's his number one goal. To be ruler. He still thinks he is all
that. Why? Because he has set up his kingdom down here and most of the world is
choosing to be ruled by him.  Choose Christ today friends. That battle between good and evil is almost over. Are you ready? Blessings, Friends
R. Denise Johnson