“And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of
her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus
Christ.” Rev. 12:17

Why does it appear that there is so much drama in the church and among God’s people?
Drama between church members. Drama between leaders. Drama between leaders and
church members. Drama between pastors and church members. Drama between pastors
and leaders. Unfortunately and quite often this drama causes the children of God who once had the joy, love and excitement of finding truth in God’s remnant church to soon lose interest, dry up, die out and/or move on. We sometimes ask ourselves how one can find God’s true Sabbath, know Biblically and historically that it is God’s true Sabbath and then find that they have left to go back to worship on the day that man set up. I have been told that it has to do with love quite often. Well, true or not, wrong worship is wrong worship love or no love. Even though love is quite important.

The fact is Satan is going to attack God’s remnant church, God’s remnant people and
especially His people that are most vulnerable. Which are most vulnerable? There are a
few groups. 1. They are new believers. 2. They are those who grew up in the church. 3.
They are the nominal non active church members a.k.a. pew warmers. 4. They are the
leaders.  Allow me to explain. New believers because they are just starting out. They are still on milk. Some long time believers feel that they have made it to perfection and they tend to push meat on them too fast and this tends to be very disturbing to the new believer.  Newer believers also find themselves observing sinful acts among long time believers and this becomes discouraging for they know that they found truth and that the church as they understand it is supposed to be filled with a “ holy and peculiar people”.

Those that grew up in the church, find themselves wanting to get out in the world to
escape what they believe to be a strict and legalistic religion for some have mistakably
and destructively portrayed the church that way especially to the young people.
The church members that attend church Sabbath after Sabbath attend because they are
Adventists. They have no interest in witnessing or serving. They soon die out spiritually.
And then some leaders; pride and control often set in to the leaders of the church.
What we have to hold on to is the fact the devil knows that the Adventist church is the
remnant church. It is the only church striving to obey God completely where others obey
Him with the exception of the 4th commandment. (James 2:10)The Adventist church is
the only church that testifies completely of Jesus Christ. 

For the Adventist movement keeps the Sabbath like Christ (Luke 4:16), went about proclaiming the gospel just as Christ did, dress simply, modestly, and neatly, befitting those whose true beauty does not consist of outward adornment but in the imperishable ornament of a gentle and quiet spirit just like Christ. And we look for and tell others about the second coming of Christ as Christ spoke of it 300 times in the New Testament. The Adventist movement is the only movement that takes the whole word of God, read it, study it, teach, preach it and obey it. But the devil is very tricky and therefore attacks in other ways. He attacks loving behavior; he attacks our tongues in gossip, lies and backbiting. He attacks us with pride. We must realize that we are all sinful human beings. Born in sin and all have sinful natures. We must not look to those who have been in the church for years, leaders, pastors for we all fallible. 

Satan is going to attack us more than anyone else. He is always hoping that when he does, he will take that person down along with many others; new believers and old believers. We’ve got to put on the whole armour. (Eph 6:11) We can’t think that we can walk into the church with just part of the armour on. It is not safe even when we think it should be the safest place. Do we know what the Bible says? Do we believe what it says? Does it match up? (Isa.8:20) Well, we are in the right place then. The more attacks we see and the more drama we see, the more we must be reminded and realize that we must be in the right place because the devil is messing with it. When there is no more drama, then we better watch out! In the meantime, holdfast that no one comes in, takes our place and our crown. (Rev. 3:11) Pray without stopping!(1 Thes.5:17) Let’s not let the devil get the victory over our souls. Let’s be prepared for more drama in God’s remnant church, and stay close to Jesus no matter what. Be blessed
R. Denise Johnson