God's Menu

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar
people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of
darkness into his marvellous light:” 1 Pet.2:9

When we are considered different from the rest because we choose Christ, there are
many things about that stand out. When we are Christ’s we even eat differently.
Let’s look at the history of food.

The diet given us in the beginning was fruit. (Gen. 1:29) Then after sin, we were
given vegetables. (Gen.3:18, 19). Vegetables were given after sin because herbs are
for healing. We didn’t need any healing before sin.

As time went on, the world became very wicked. We know that God flooded the
earth with water because of evil. He instructed Noah to take on the ark to safety,
seven each of every clean animal. (Gen. 7:2) These clean animals would be for food
since all vegetation would be temporarily wiped out in the flood. Early man knew what was categorized clean and unclean but in Lev.11 God had to remind the Jews again by breaking it all down for them. Take a look at that chapter for yourselves to see which are for food. But do keep in mind culture. Here are a few examples: Swine, which is pork, is an abomination as well as crab, shrimp and catfish. These are all scavengers. They eat garbage and waste. They were created for other purposes, not for human consumption. God instructed Noah to take only two each of these. 

And in addition, although man was allowed to eat meat (beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and fish) God said not to eat it with the blood because life is in the blood. (Gen.9:4) This is why many Jews today still eat kosher meats. And God said this before any Jews even existed. Did you know that man lived anywhere from 777 to 969 years before the flood?
After the flood when man was allowed to eat flesh he went down to 600 to 148 years.
And then it quickly dwindled down to the average age of today, which is 70 ish as
mentioned by King David in Psalms 90:10.

Now here we are today and medical research shows that meat is now diseased.
There is mad cow disease and the farmers are pumping the sick animals with
hormones to help them appear healthy. They are feeding the animals with all kinds
of stuff. And then they sell to us and we are getting sicker and are not living as long
as God had planned. Many in the world today are obeying health laws more so than
us in the church. It has nothing to do with being saved. It has everything to do with
keeping our bodies healthy which is the temple of God. (1 Cor. 3:16,17)
Whatever we eat we must ask ourselves, does this glorify God? (1 Cor.10:31) If it is
good and healthy than it does, if it is bad and unhealthy than it does not.
Heart disease, cancer and diabetes don’t glorify God. The wrong foods lead to these
diseases. Christ is sad when we eat unhealthful and then find ourselves in the
hospitals and dying too soon.

Praise be to God that when He comes and takes us home there will no more sickness
and death.(Rev.21:4) Nothing will die or be killed. No more slaughter houses. The
animals will be there for pleasure and enjoyment.(Isa.11:5-8) There will be no need
for scavengers. Eating healthy also keeps are blood pure. Pure and undefiled blood flowing through the body and through the brain allows for clear mind that helps us to discern and understand the Word of God.

Let’s choose His menu today. Let’s glorify God in what we put into our bodies.
Be blessed. R. Denise Johnson