But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.” 2 Tim.4:5

This counsel comes from Paul before his death. He was speaking to Timothy, a young coworker of his. This counsel found its way into the Holy Word of God because it is also counsel for Christians today.

I can relate so much, and this counsel, although it begins harsh, gives me encouragement for we know that when we face trouble, hardship and afflictions that we are classified as Christ followers. (1 Cor.1:5)

As we determine to work for the Lord by sharing His love with others, the enemy will
send all kinds of trouble our way. For some, it can go unnoticed for the enemy tries to disguise his workings. His attacks come through poor health, poor finances, family
problems, and he will even send issues and drama through those who we trust such as
family, friends and other associates. He will try to get us to stoop as low as those trying to hurt us. But we must instead see the devil’s tricks and keep moving on.

No matter the trial, know that Christ is still with us and He is counting on us to endure
and remain strong. Let’s not let go of the 
work that He has given us to do. Sometimes
 it’s easier said than done especially when 
things pile on so high at times, but we must 
stop and pray and ask for extra strength. 
God is more powerful then the devil and 
his imps and He is more powerful than those
that the devil works through everyday.

Watch, endure and hold on to Christ. Place bad health and finances in His hands. Place family in His hands and let’s love our enemies as Christ counsels us in Matt.5:44. 

The battle is not ours but His.