"O taste and see that the LORD is good: 
blessed is the man that trusteth in him."
Psalms 34:8 
This training was an extensive & practical training for anyone to be God's helping hand in spreading His gift Jesus Christ, love and salvation for man.  From the class I've learned that every believer has a part in spreading God's message.  It's not just for Pastors, ministers, but for all members of the church should know and follow and do the Great Commission. Matthew 28:18-20.
       Dollie Lieberman Thousand Oaks California
      Alfonso Vernon 
Los Angeles California
My name is Alfonso Vernon; I am a member of the Smyrna Seventh Day Adventist Church located in Los Angeles California. I must say “To God be the glory for the great things he has done in my life”.  Why am I saying this?  Well, it’s because from the time I accepted Christ and became a member of our church, I had a desire to teach the word of God.  I didn’t want to take things for granted so I started to inquire about evangelism training and I ended up calling Amazing Facts.  They gave me the basic information but I didn’t want to leave the comfort of my home and live on the campus.  I prayed earnestly and God sent Elder Johnson to the Smyrna Church to promote the End Times Ministry training program.  I was all excited about what I heard so I discussed this with my wife and with her encouragement, I immediately registered and attended the training.  To make a long story short, I successfully completed the course and graduated on June 10th 2006.  At present I am praying and studying with people preparing them for baptism along with being a Deacon and the Personal Ministries Leader at our Church.  I also wish to thank End Times Like These Ministries for helping me to reach my goal in becoming a soul winner.  May God continue to bless your ministry so that others can benefit also.  Your brother in Christ.


This was the first intensive study I have had.  I found it challenging and tough, but what I learned about my knowledge of God was really put to the test.  Things are so much clearer now and I feel confident to go out and do Bible Studies with even strangers.  This course has increased my knowledge, confidence and most importantly, it has increase my faith.
        Mark Lieberman
Thousand Oaks California
           Ralph Arnold
Thousand Oaks California
I heard about the course from an online advertisement. I decided to take the course so that I can work better for God. I feel that my spirituality now that I have gone through the course is off the chart and my witnessing ability has improved 100%. I would definitely recommend this course to others. I am praising God for your work. The course is excellent. This is a wonderful work that your team is doing to help the lay person become better equipped. 

Barbara Spence
Malibu California
I learned about this course through a sister church bulletin. I decided to take the course because I wanted to give Bible studies. I feel more confident about my witnessing ability now that I have taken the course. I believe that End Times Like These is a God Send.


        Kathy Leon 
 Seattle Washington
If you are thirsting for an experience that will encourage you, and bring you closer to God, and strengthen your church, I urge you to invite Elder Michael Johnson and his associates to hold a lay evangelist certification training seminar in your church even if you have already led many people to know the Lord and given hundreds of Bible studies, even if you are a pastor or church leader you will miss a valuable, precious experience if you miss the chance to study under Elder Johnson. Personally I would have crawled to the meetings if I had had no other way. And it’s that good because Elder Johnson follows faithfully the councils that the Lord has provided for us in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Don’t wait; sign up now to bring a special blessing to your church! 

     Bernadette Jones
 Los Angeles California
​I must say that I was extremely nervous starting this class, but from the first day of class not only were all my fears gone, but I was excited to obtain so much information to be able to spread the gospel and co-operate with God in soul winning. I thank and continue to pray for this ministry and may the Lord bless all the efforts and mission. God bless you all!
      Mitchell Alvarez 
Frazier Park, California
This class has been a great build up to my faith and I've learned so much that I feel more confident now to go out and proclaim the gospel to everybody. There is so much more I could say about how God has been with me that I would probably need to write a book, but for now I pray that this could be a real encouragement to those who read it.  I thank all those who supported me through out these times but most of all God who has His promises to us in His Word.

Nehemiah Alvarado
Tehachapi California
First of all I would like to express my thankfulness to God for helping me come near him through End Times Like These Ministries.  It has been truly an experience of revival of the Holy Spirit in my soul since the training for the Lay Evangelist course and I am joyful that the Lord again helped me get through the training despite of all other responsibilities at home and at work.  Before the training I had been praying for the Holy Spirit’s guidance to help me be an effective witness to others about Jesus.  When Elder Johnson came to preach at my church, I heard the message about the great famine which has tickled my feet realizing God’s calling and that I need to do something because many souls are hungering and perishing for the Word of God, the spirit of truth and salvation.  In the training he has revived my spiritual needs and I am so thankful for his provisions. Praise be the Lord for He is faithful and kind, for He has made a way like End Times Like These Ministries to reach someone like me and other people who need a spiritual boost and the training.  I believe that this ministry is inspired by the Holy Spirit and I pray for the continuation of reaching out to those who are in need of a spiritual boost and training for the work of soul salvation.  I thank the Lord for Brother Michael Johnson and Sister Denise Johnson for their effort and dedication doing the very work of the great commission God have entrusted in their hands.  May the Lord bless you abundantly in your ministry and please remember me in your prayer I ask.  Thank you.



It was an answer to prayer when the ad for the End Times Like These Ministries was seen in the In Touch Newsletter. A group of us from Maranatha joined the class for training Bible instructors and Lay Evangelists. Our lives will never be the same. I have grown spiritually and am excited about giving Bible studies and soul winning. Doing the work of the church has become a reality. I am still involved in working for the church, however I learned the difference. 

  Jeanne Hartsfield
Inglewood California
      Louis Hohl
 Rialto California
My grandfather, Elder Jackson spoke about the class during one of my visits to his home. God had been using the spirit to move upon my heart, the desire to do His will this year and learn and become more involved, so this was God sent and the news of this class came just in time. I have grown so close to the Lord since the beginning of this course. I have a deeper understanding of what He desires and I am more confident in what I believe in. I feel as though that even with my newness to the SDA beliefs, I am equipped to at least now introduce and plant the seeds of truth confidently into the minds of unbelievers.  I would definitely recommend this course to others and I love the concept of End Times Like These Ministries. It has changed my life!!!!! Amen. 

 Henrietta Mubako
Burbank California

I was doing some serious praying and I was signing up for Religious Studies with La Sierra University to become a minister , but I was not at peace with this. That’s when I met the Johnson’s and I mentioned that I was interested in evangelism and was not sure where to start.  They told me about End Times Like These Ministries and without hesitation I signed up, and to make a long story short I graduated and I am currently working as the Bible Instructor for Valley Crossroads and we have already had two Baptisms and we plan to have many more!  End Times Like These was an answer to my prayers and it was custom made just for my talents and gifts. It amazes me still today how impeccable God’s timing is, and I am humbled by his mercy.


         Weldon Flier
Thousand Oaks California
This Training was challenging and intimidating but it caused me to grow and take a greater interest in my church and its growth.  It also brought about a renewed desire to put into practice the health principles that I knew but weren't really putting into practice.
      Chris Mangar
Lancaster California
End Times Like These Ministries has helped me to understand what I have been missing in my life. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, I have a complete understanding of my duty as a man/Christian which is to spread the gospel and prepare the way for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


       Timothy Simpson
Canyon Country California
My experience as a student of the Lay Evangelist/Bible Instructors Certification Training Course has equipped me to develop an offensive attack against the adversary. The Bible states in 1 Peter 5:8 " Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour."

The Lay Evangelist Certification Training Course has equipped me with important knowledge, techniques and skills that will prepare me to become an effective witness for Christ. The certification training has provided an opportunity for me to examine the purpose of the Advent movement, how to become an effective witness for Christ, and the nature of Last Day Events in an effort to become an overcomer.

        Lillian Franklin
Santa Monica California
Thank God for victory over all things. I am thankful that God is using me to help spread the good news of His soon return. One of my dreams in life was to learn how to be a Bible worker.  But it was impossible for me until Elder Johnson; Founder of End Times Like These Ministries was introduced to our church with the Lay Evangelist course.  Our church was going to be the hosting site.  For me it was still impossible.  Members were signing up. The class hours were not possible for me to get to class on time.  But our pastor said to put my name down anyway on the sign up sheet.  I pray and ask Jesus to open up the windows and doors of opportunity so that I could attend and He did.  My memory was poor but the Lord helped me there also. Thank God for answered prayers that my dream came true. I am now a Lay Evangelist/Bible Instructor. I am excited to share the good news of Jesus with people that they may know more about the forgiving God who will give you the victory over all things, He died to save us and set us free. 

    Calvin Ockletree
Long Beach California
A wonderful equipping tool. It focuses on the true mission of the Seventh-day Adventist. It brings one closer to Christ and challenges their relationship. 

       Charles Dolcey
Los Angeles California
I decided to take the course to be fully equipped to do God’s work.  Every day in the class was inspirational. I feel much more empowered and confident about my witnessing ability now that I have gone through the course.  
       Frank Jones
Palmdale California
Dear Elder Johnson and staff just a few lines to thank you for the opportunity to attend and participate in one of the most powerfully presented ministries I have ever experienced. I spend many hours reading the words of God, studying Bible histories and prophecies; in doing this it empowers me with lots of knowledge and a very strong desire to share the word of God. Attending your classes helped me to be able to share the word in a Godly manner, which leaves room for God to work through us. All of these sessions were effective, but health reform and medical missionary really touched home for me because it has been something I’ve been involved in most of my life because there were no medical institutions available for treatment of blacks in my hometown. Thanks again, for a ministry that is needed for all believers, but also for all members of the body of Christ. So we can help finish God’s work and to be effective soul winners for the kingdom of God. My prayers will be with you always.



          Gino Isaac
Los Angeles California
It has been the best organized training I have seen in all my years in the church. The fact you have to take an exam really forces you to know the materials and immediately conduct Bible studies. It keeps you focused on not abandoning the last day message! 



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  Tandolyn Harris
San Antonio Texas
I was trying to find a way so that I could become an Evangelist through mail order correspondence because I could not take off for six months to do a regular Evangelist course.  Then I saw End Times Like These Ministries on 3ABN.  I watch 3ABN all the time and I was so happy when I saw the program that talked about their ministry.  I called them right away to get more information about the ministry.  They sent the information and I was so excited and I thank God for blessing and guiding me to the right program.  I really enjoyed the program and they were always willing to lend a helping hand.  If you want to complete the program, you have to be working in the Lord’s vineyard.

I have been telling everyone I know about End Times Like These Ministries program.  God is so great! because he blessed me to get the money to pay for the course.  When times got hard for me, I was having difficulty with some of the sessions.  God stepped in right on time and helped me out.  He would not let me give up.  I kept my eyes on Jesus, and kept on praying and working on the different sessions.  I am truly grateful to God that he blessed me to fulfill my dreams of becoming an Evangelist.  I would like to thank everyone for all their help at End Times Like These Ministries.  It was a great experience!  Thanks again!!!!!

    Jeffrey Collins
Torrance,  California
       Rodney Curry
Lancaster,  California
I have been truly blessed with End times Like These Ministries.  It was everything and then some!  Elder Johnson has definite love for Christ and his staff.  I truly want to thank him and his staff for everything.  I will take everything that I have learned to the masses of God's people.  My prayer is that the Lord will continue to bless you and your ministry.
Every Adventist should take this course.  This is the medicine for the sickness the church has.
 Chris Clemons
Pomona,  California

I had been praying for the opportunity to learn the Bible more in-depth and to find out my duty as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.  I often thought; who is going to tell me what I should do between my belief and others and how I can stand firm until the end.  Thank God for Elder Johnson, he dedicates his life to training laity and the operation of End Times Like These Ministries.  I learned a lot from this training, and I am going to put it into action!

Polly Chen
Sun Valley, California
This training was truly a blessing for personal life and it helped me to be more efficient in doing God's work.  I praise God for using Elder Johnson in this ministry. 
       Zoila Granillo
Los Angeles California
Harrold Brown
Berrien Springs, Michigan
I would personally like to thank End Times Like These Ministries for the lessons learned that has made me more equipped to take God's message into the work field and the friends that I have made.  My sincere desire is to take these important tools and lessons to my family and then the world.  Let us tell the world of Christ's soon return.


         David Solis
Los Angeles,  California

At first I was told by others, that these training sessions were really good and amazing so when I started I was expecting much. I was surprised to surpass my expectations. I have learned so much not just about what it is to be a Christian, but about my personal relationship to God. I loved what I have learned and I will never regret making the choice of accepting God’s call.

     Kenneth Farrior 
Inglewood, California
Testimony Coming Soon!WOW a very serious training for our End Times Like These. I believe GOd has ordained this ministry to train His people to finish the work. This class in no joke but truly a blessing from start to finish. I praise God and commit to pray for this ministry and will work for this cause until His glorious return.
   Angus T. Jones
This course was and is an extreme blessing in my life.  It has given me a confidence to present truth in many ways, which are adaptable to nearly any situation.  The training has truly made me well rounded and I am sure wherever the Lord places me, I will be able to apply this training to be an effective evangelist.”  
       Linda Pollenitz
Los Angeles, California
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 Sam Paschal
Orlando Florida
Julian Nash
      Michael Potts
Camarillo, California
   Joyce Choe

       Isitola Paulo
Compton, California
  Eleanor Marshalleck
Los Angeles, California
         Mark Bhim Inglewood, California
       Becky Fabrigar
  Glendale, California
       Dimples Fields
Los Angeles, California
Gerald Bryant
Testimony Coming Soon!
Testimony Coming Soon!
This class was very well put together.  With teacher presenting each lesson. I feel very well equipped to out into the community and knock on doors. I feel more adequate in giving Bible studies now than before.  Thank God for End Times Like These.
    Willie Mae Lightscy
 Long Beach, California
         Liz Pinkney
Long Beach, California
      Monica Edwards
    Valencia, California
          Latoya Harris
Sherman Oaks, California
         Hugo Arango
  Van Nuys, California
     Roxanne Thomas
Los Angeles, California
       Stella Tilghman
 Long Beach, California
       Charlie Arango
  Winnetka, California
    Gerardo Martinez
 Van Nuys, California
A great experience, coming to this training has shown me how little we do at church, how many things had been invented to deviate people not to do the work of the church.  Gained so much knowledge on different areas of evangelism.  Class teacher was great, well-done instructors are examples.
Taking the evangelistic class has been a great experience for me. I am really happy to have taken this course.  I learned so much from every session from Elder Johnson and from all the homework.  It would be awesome for every SDA member and newcomer to take this course. It has made me realize that I need to do more in bringing people to Christ. It was definitely worth my while!

When I first came to this class I was unsure of why I was taking it. Through this class, God has shown me what it is I am to be doing.  This class has given me more confidence to spread His good word. I definitely plan on putting into action the things I have learned. Thank you Michael, Denise and Denise M. for all your love, teaching, support and prayers. They really mean a lot to me. 

I have had the desire to be involved in evangelism for a long time.  I have given many Bible studies. End Times Like These Ministries have given me the tools needed for an effective work.  It has shown me the “how to” which will make my efforts more effective. 
I want to say thank you to the Lord for you and your helpers. I know the Lord God is with you on this training certification.  Every class that I take it was really interesting and every Monday and Thursday I can’t wait to come to the class. Even though you gave us a lot of work, I think that is good because I woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning to study and pray every day.  Thank you Elder Johnson and God bless you and your family.

Testimony Coming Soon!
Praise the Lord! For the ministry.
God truly has a remnant. I learned so much about what God's will is for us as Seventh-day Adventists. We have a special message to give to the world and our church is asleep. End Times Like These Ministries is on a mission to teach God's people how to do what we were raised up to do and 
Finish The Work!!!
        Jose Santos
Simi Valley, California
     Donnell McCray
Los Angeles, California
          Gilda Eros
  Palmdale, California
         Janet Barnhill
Palos Verdes, California
           Faye Hart             Long Beach, California
        Shelly Herder
Long Beach, California
Testimony Coming Soon!
Testimony Coming Soon!
Testimony Coming Soon!
This course was very intense. It was inspirational and educational. I believe that it gave me the tools to go and reach souls. I am now empowered to go out and be a part of the great commission thanks to End Times Like These Ministries.

It was a good experience being a part of this class because sometimes we think that we know but in this class I felt short and I feel that I need to study and put it in practice for the final exam that is going to be with God.  I can tell you that this class is going to make good disciples for the winning of souls for Christ.

As I sat here from night to night I learned the importance of truly being a Bible worker.  It is a great responsibility when you sit and listen to what is truly important to the ones that you are studying with.  It really teaches you that it’s not about you giving studies. It is truly about all the lost souls that need to be gathered into the house of the Lord to continue his work as they learn His gospel message of “Go Ye Into All The World.”
      Diego Sanchez
  Reseda, California
It has been a great part of my Christian life. It has opened my eyes to a whole new experience at this time I have a need to share my faith and go to those that need to see Christ as the only way.  Great things are coming for me and my family. I wish to give my life to God’s work and help my church to proclaim the message.

​This course was a blessing to be a part of! The staff involved were always cheerful, helpful, and patient with every student. I loved how everything taught was based from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. Not only did this course help me in learning to witness more effectively, but it also guided me in my own spiritual life. I learned more about my beliefs and how I can present and defend them.

Elyssa Rivero
Los Angeles, California
The experience I gained from this class was great because I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know how to do. I learned about our beliefs, about how to write my own Bible Study, and how to mark my Bible. It really gets you equipped to go be a good soldier for Christ to win souls for Him. I thank God for End Times Like These Ministries Lay Evangelist Certification Training Course. I pray that the Lord continue to bless this ministry and for more and more people to start taking the class.

Robert Casasola
Los Angeles, California
Testimony Coming Soon!
Morgan Morrissey
Simi Valley, California
When first attending this class I had very high expectations for the training course, but it surpassed my expectations beyond my comprehension! Blew my socks off!! I grew so much in Christ while taking this course and ETLT ministries has been used by God to plant seeds of truth in my heart that the Lord has started to water and will continue to water until the day comes where I have grown perfectly; such as a delicate flower that does not wither as climate changes, but will stay strong and minister to the surrounding area! Amen.

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