Lifespan Reduction
“The days of our years are threescore(3x20) years and ten; …… yet is their strength labour and sorrow..” Psalms 90:10

Did you know that man lived anywhere from 777 to 969 years before the flood? After the flood man lived from 148 to 600 years. And then it quickly dwindled down to the average age of today which is 70 ish as mentioned by King David. I learned from the Word of God that the diet given us in the beginning was fruit from the trees. (Gen. 1:29) Then after sin, we were given vegetables. (Gen.3:18, 19) As time went on, the world became very wicked. God planned to flood the earth with water because of evil. He instructed Noah to take on the ark to safety, seven each of
every clean animal. (Gen. 7:2) These clean animals would be for food since all vegetation would be temporarily wiped out in the flood.
But I was thinking one day. "God could have just let some trees grow back quickly so that Noah and his family could eat from them once they came out of the ark, right?" Why go to the extreme of eating the animals?" And then it hit me! Oh. Because of sin, because of the wickedness, God 's plan was to cut the lifespan of man and the way to do that was to introduce flesh meat into the diet.

Today, the flesh diet is the main diet of the world. However, medical research has found that a flesh diet continues to cut the lifespan of men and women due to the conditions of today’s meat. Meat eating has nothing to do with your relationship with Christ directly or our loss of entry into heaven, however it is a choice to say, "I want to be healthier and live longer without meat", or "it doesn't matter, I'll eat anything I want to. How I feel and how long I live or not live is my choice."
Just a little Biblical history on diet. Be blessed.