When Adam and Eve came to this perfect world that God the Father, the Son and Holy
Ghost created, they eventually sinned. Sin is the transgression of God’s law (1 John 3:4)
and God said that the wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23)

Our God, Our Creator loves us whom He created in His image, so much so that he
immediately began the plan to redeem us. So how did He do that while He was still
heaven? To begin, he took a group of people. It was a very small portion of people for most
didn’t love Him. Abraham and his descendents were a group of people that loved and obeyed God. God taught them about sin, the law and about death. He also gave them a sacrificial ceremony to perform whenever they sinned. They were to kill an innocent animal. This ceremony symbolized Jesus’ death to come later. Jesus, the innocent lamb of God died for us; for our sins. 

Unfortunately, as years went on, this service became like an everyday thing. No longer did they perform it for its true purpose of preparing for Jesus. Then when Jesus did show up, he walked the earth until he was 33 and then He died as planned. As soon as He breathed His last breath, back in the temple where the sacrificing was going on, the veil that hung inside the sanctuary began to tear from the top to the bottom which meant, that the ultimate sacrifice had just been made (Matt.27:15; Mark 15:38; Luke 23:45) and therefore no more need to go into the sanctuary shedding the blood of innocent animals. But what did the Jews do? They wanted to continue doing their rituals. 

As time went on and Jesus’ disciples continued preaching and teaching the gospel message, Jewish leaders wanted to continue doing what was clearly done away with which was the sacrificing of innocent animals for the innocent lamb of God had already been sacrificed for ALL of our sins once and for all. As Paul spoke to the Colossian Christians one day, he had to tell them, “don’t let anyone come and tell you to do any of the sacrificing or rituals that were done in the past” For there was no more need to these practices. He wasn’t talking about the fourth commandment rest day. 

He was talking about the added ceremonies of Leviticus 23 which symbolized Jesus death on the cross. For in the book of Hebrews we are reminded that there still remains a rest on the seventh-day. This is found in chapter four verses 1-11. Because the 4th commandment is part of God’s Holy Law; His character that Jesus came to fulfill as stated in Matthew 5:17-19. (See also Luke 4:16). Jesus said that not even one of His laws must be overlooked or He and His heavenly host will overlook us.

What an awesome God we serve. To come here in the flesh after we’ve made a complete
mess of this world. To come, shed His blood and die that we might have a chance at
eternal life.

It is all about Him. The one and only who can save us for He planned it all out and
carried it through just for us and He continues on in heaven 24/7 hearing our prayers,
listening to our confessions and forgiving us so that one day soon when he comes in the
clouds of glory He will take us home forever. Amen