My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path:” Prov.1:15

Friends, family and church family, we can clearly see End Times Like These. The signs are
all around and they have only begun.  God speaks through His Word and has a clear description for His people. He also warns His people about heading and following down “strange paths”.
The deceptions are becoming thicker and thicker and if we don’t hold onto to Jesus and His
Word we will follow right down the wrong path.  Deceptions are often time demonstrated by those whom we least expect. Or it wouldn’t be deception. If we spend time with someone and they clearly pray, read and study God’s Word and their fruits display this and then slowly we begin to see change; actions and words become different, often times this person has compromised in someway leading to some actions and words that don’t quite fit the Word of God. But maybe this person is in authority. Well, you say to yourself, it must be ok. Just know that Jesus doesn’t change. His Word says what it says and we will find more and more, people that we once trusted and looked up to, to begin to deviate from what they once were. Jesus never deviated.

In addition saints, we will begin to hear comments to make us feel bad and uncomfortable
when we don’t follow the “new paths” - Attacks against our emotions and lack of
participation.  I was in attendance in a worship and praise service once. I was having a good time praising  God. Some personalities like myself are laid back and relaxed and therefore one wouldn’t clearly know we are having a good time. A speaker stood up and for the purpose of
determining to make us feel bad, commented against our lack of open participation. And of
course I felt bad. The spirit to cause one to go up in front of God’s people with the purpose
to make them feel bad for not demonstrating actions like others are not from God’s Spirit.

I was then in another setting some years later, again having a good time in Jesus and
enjoying the service, when an associate of the previously spoken of speaker was leading
out. Similar demonstrations were taking place at this venue as well. I was shocked to here
this speaker speak the same exact words as his associate spoke previously.
Read here what the spirit of prophecy says about this. “ "Rings" of Men Encouraging Wrong Principles.-- There will be in the office men who will lead into strange paths those whose minds are not firmly established in the principles of present truth. These unconsecrated men will set up false waymarks and will walk in false paths, because they lack clear discernment. They will manifest a burning desire to confederate; to form rings among themselves in order to sustain one another in the wrong principles they advocate. They will voice one another's words. The Publishing Ministry (1983), page 150, paragraph 3

1 John 4:1 says to test the spirits to see if they are of God. Any and all comments, words
and deeds not found in the Word of God must be shunned. Check the word. Don’t be
ashamed or afraid. We know that speaking in tongues, for example, have been taken on by
the Christian church, as evidence of receiving the spirit. But the word of God says that
receiving the gift of speaking another language is given to spread the gospel. See Acts 2.
1 Peter 3:4 talks about a gentle and quiet spirit. 1 Cor. 14:33 shares that God is not the
author of confusion but of peace. Have you been in place of worship lately, where there was
loud noise, confusion and you experienced a great lack of peace.
Often times people tend to create a new spirit for themselves and call it the Holy Spirit.
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,..”
Gal. 5:22

I’d say that I’ve seen “joy” and “peace” mangled and changed into sadness and kaos.
Speaking of sentimentalism…. “Against this spirit, and against the false religion of
sentimentalism, which is equally dangerous, I bear my warning. Take heed, brethren and
sisters. Who is your leader--Christ or the angel that fell from heaven? Examine yourselves
and know whether you are sound in the faith…” Testimonies for the Church Volume Eight
(1904), page 299, paragraph 1 Have you ever seen individuals in church suddenly become sad to weeping? They go from excited and demonstrative and then next thing you know they are sad. This is sentimentalism which is very dangerous. This is not of the fruit of spirit of God.
Most of us know what the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation share. They teach and
prepare of us for the law and worship changes of the world. So why are folks beginning to
lean toward the other side? I don’t get it.

Stay on the right path…the one spoken of by Jesus himself in Matthew 7:13 & 14. Jesus
said that few will find it. It’s going to be the loving, peaceful, joyful, and gentle. It’s going to
be the different and special. 1 Peter 2:9. It’s going to be ones that stick out like a sore thumb
– who many will stand before and put down for not conforming to a worldly, loud,
confusion-filled, sentimentally demonstrative way.
Any word or deed that does not agree with your gut – your soul – look it up in the Word and
if you don’t find it there.. get off that strange path.
Blessings, R. Denise Johnson